Music over Matter

Music is essential to the contribution of people’s happiness and entertainment. It is a great way to pass time, and a great way for people to entertain themselves as it soothes, comforts, relates, and, brings joy and contentment to a lot of people. Every day and everywhere music can be heard, but is that the only reason why ‘music’ exists? Just to be heard? Music is universal and it is important for people to know and understand its’ different roles in the society, and how it affects every human being in it. There’s a lot more to music that people don’t know and realize yet. Music is not just a hobby or a source of entertainment, it’s a business, a career, and a way of life.

Music is a business. It is not free, and just like everything which is not free, it is a product of hard work and a lot of investments: investments like time and even money. People involved in the music industry invest a lot of time and effort into every production, and in return they gain profit from it. This replicates the whole idea of having a business. Music is a business, and it is a huge one. Millions of people pay for music in general, whether by buying instruments, albums, songs, or concert tickets of their favorite artists and bands, paying to make their own music, or just by paying to let other people play music for them (Survey: Data Demographics, 2011).

The people involved in the production of different kinds of music, are the record labels/recording companies, and of course the musicians. In any kind of business there are workers, and in the music industry there are a lot of workers needed in order to make a production, since there is a lot of work involved in selling, promoting, recording and publicizing music. There are a lot of record labels, like: Universal Records, Warner Music Group, Sony Music, and EMI Music; which are the four major labels right now. Moreover, there are also a lot of artists and bands that are in the scene now like: Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift, One Direction, Linkin Park, and Fall Out Boy, just to name a few. One thing people tend to forget also is that the music industry pays a lot; which is the reason why the society see these people (the artists and bands named) with fancy clothes, nice houses, and even expensive cars. These companies and these people rely on music for them to live and support themselves (to take care of themselves, and to let them enjoy their own lives). Music is their livelihood, their job, and their career.

Relative to any other profession, Music is a choice. People won’t involve themselves with music if they don’t want to, especially in the case of the musicians. Establishing a music career must be driven by passion, and dedication, rather than just aiming for the potential fame and wealth they can receive if they pursue a music career. Although again, compared to any other job it is more different, because opportunities are not just taken but they are and should be created (Palmer, 2014). These opportunities should not just be created for the sake of getting in the business; rather they should be crafted in order for them to share their works to other people, their talents, and their passion, which fortunately is what a lot of aspiring bands and musicians are doing now. It’s not always about the money, the fame, or the glory, and for some it means a lot more. For some, music is a way of life. To perform in front of a live audience, and to write songs for them to share to other people, that is a dream for them and they’d do anything to make themselves opportunities to attain that dream of theirs. It is a kind of artwork for them, the musicians, which they want to broadcast to the community and let other people see it and relate to it.

Music is more than just a hobby, a source of entertainment, or something for people to listen to. But music is merely a form, a way for people to express themselves. It is a form of expressing themselves in a holistic way; holistic in a sense that the people can share different kinds of music, and for some their musical talents and skills, and get something in return like: money in a business and career perspective, and, enjoyment and delight in the eyes of a person who perceives music as their way of life. Also it is a way for them to express their feelings and emotions personally, just by them listening and creating their own music. Music is a part of everyone’s lives, and it’s everyone’s duty to know which role they’ll put it in.


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